Bob McGoogle

Squishy? Umm......riiiiggghhhttt....

Well its hard to explain but the boy and I were talking a few days ago about whats it like to be on your period. All grossness aside I sat and thought then I came to this conclusion..its squishy. Like all warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I know at first all you ladies will be screaming no way, but first take your midol, then think about it. How do you feel emotionally? Kinda squishy when your not crying right? Warm and fuzzy? I dunno maybe I'm crazy but thats how I feel. BTW hippies please stop protesting or leave this fucking country which we only got from having wars and all that you enjoy being an American is because of wars so please, for your own sake of looking like a fucking hypocrite..SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thank you. This has been Leah Boyd for EATME news. We now return to regularly scheduled programming.


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