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Bawling my eyes out...

Wow. Sometimes you try to offer advice when you see someone who sounds just like you did in their self loathing and destructive behaviors. You try to help them but never think it makes any impact because they have to see it for themselves right? Nothing you say will help right? Thank you Heidi. Your diary has helped me when I was feeling down for not knowing what I wanted to do with my life then I realized from you that I wasnt alone, I didnt have to have a master plan at 24. That really helped me. I just wish and hope for you to have to same realization that I did a few years ago after yet another horrible break up with an asshole...only you can stop the cycle. Its like I told my friend Kat, once you see the pattern and ask yourself why you're doing it, then you can fix it. Its not easy to really look at yourself and believe you deserve love but once you know it, you'll never settle for anything less then 100% pure devotion from someone who takes the time to see you. Love yourself first sweetpea, it makes all the difference. I'm here for you anytime.


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