Bob McGoogle


Im feelin' lazy today. Have to get a facial and eyeborws done today and I dont even feel like it. Bah. My mom asked me to find my old birth control yesterday for my brother's new girl ...that was weird. I unfortunately dont have anymore left. I threw out most of it when I got the IUD. Speaking of IUD, did I tell you how wonerful it is that I won't have to worry about getting knocked up till atleast 34? God I LOVE this thing. I think my brother's girl would like it then she wouldnt have to worry about birth control and all the harmful hormones...yeah I dont think I spelled that right but you feel me right? My stupid lip is killing me today. It's so sharp and pokey. I wish it would just act normal, whatever that is. Ok I'm off to watch the war and read my book, but I don't even feel like doing that today.


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