Bob McGoogle

And people wonder where I get my sense of humor from....

I was doing some laundry with mom yesterday and we have to go get something to drink and we stopped at this bar. Inside mom sees some guy she thinks she might know then she turns to me and says "I think I know that guy, I probably did him." This is just a touch of what mom is like. She was flashing gang signs to me while I was listening to a rap station, you know the w's. MY mother was flashing gang signs. Awesome. I do feel bad though because she eat one of my farts yesterday. I was standing on one side of the laundry basket folding some clothes and shewas on the other side. She bent down and appearenlty breathed in right as I farted a stinky mo-fo and she looks up at me and says "My mouth was open and everything! Gross Lee!" Yup. That's me.


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