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This is hot.

One of my girlfriends gets these sexy emails from a friend of hers and this one was so hot I had to post it. I hope I make all of Diaryland cum with this one. Enjoy the "Sex Man Stories".

I am thinking of you and I, watching a movie on the couch. We start to kiss, and your hand slowly slips down to my jeans, where you begin to rub me through the material. You unzip them, and I raise up to allow you to take them off. I stand in front of you, and my cock springs out, inches from your face. I stroke it slightly as you lean forward, kissing it softly as you caress my balls. My hands go to your head..slowly slipping it into your mouth, sliding it in and out against your tongue. As you begin to suck on it, feeling it throb, I slide my hands down inside your shirt, slipping your bra aside to begin teasing your nipples. They become so hard..and I then unbutton your shirt, sliding it back and off your shoulders. I then lift you up, unbuttoning your pants as you rise to me. I lower them to your knees, and slowly start rubbing your soft outer pussy. Wetness appears quickly, and my fingers begin to probe your soft lips as I kiss you deeply. I slip a finger into your wetness, sliding it in up to my knuckle,curling it to touch your G spot, making you quiver as it makes you hotter. I then lay you back on the couch, pulling your pants off, and spread you wide so I can gaze into your wet cunt. I spread it open with my fingers, and begin sucking the lips into my mouth. Your clit is hard , and I take it in as well, feeling you shake at the touch of my tongue on it. My index finger slips under you, slowly parting your ass cheeks, as I begin to lightly play with your tight little hole. I wet my finger in your juices, and slowly insert it, up to my second knuckle, softly fucking your ass as I lick you up and down. You are moaning in ecstacy as I do this, and then I raise up, taking my hard cock in my hand and rubbing it along the edge of your pussy. You want it so bad..all 8 inches deep inside you. I slide it in, watching your lips open as it goes inside of you. I begin to pump it in and out, watching your pussy open and close around it. I then pull out, turning you around, and spreading your legs as wide as you can hold them, I slide it into you once again. I go faster and faster, slapping your ass as i fuck you hard. You are moaning for more, and as I slap you more I begin fingering your ass again, making it so wet as well. You are about to cum as I feel my cum begin to burst upward, and I drive it in as deep as i can as we both cum togther, you moaning, me breathing so hard from filling you with cum. After I cum, I turn you over again, to lick all the wetness from your hot little pussy, taking time on all of it..the lips, the clit, and down to your tight little asshole..all so wet, all so hot. You hold your legs up in the air, allowing me total access to your pink slit, as you feel my tongue once gaian bring you to orgasm.


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