Bob McGoogle

Every day I rediscover what an idiot I am.

So I know you all are worried about me. I'm ok. I'm learning to drive again and it's very freeing. Like now I just get in my car and take off anywhere. I just drive and listen to the radio and my thoughts. I found my way out to Livonia today for an interview and it was awesome. I didn't get lost once or call for help or freak out. And I got the job at Cookies By Design out in Livonia! I rock! I start tomorrow. I'm making my own money again soon, and paying my own bills. I can't wait for my freedom back. I can't wait for me back. As far as my head goes, well thats another story. Everybody wants answers about what I'm going to do and I have no idea. One second I think yes then another I think no. I'm just floating right now, completely in limbo and I don't care. I hope it never ends. I like not knowing anything anymore. Sometimes I feel like an idiot but most times I just feel free. I wish I could ease his pain and tell him how this will end but I do not know. I don't have anything figured out, I'm just floating here and smiling:-)


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