Bob McGoogle

Another hot story for you all.

I dreamed that you raped me last night. You saw me wearing a plaid little skirt and it angered you that I wore it with out warning you first. I was at a party at your house and you grabbed me from behind while I was sneaking upstairs to peak around your house. You threw me on the bed and ripped off my underwear. I was screaming out of fear and excitement. You told me I brought this on myself for wearing such a hot skirt. You shoved your dick inside me and I felt a burning hot sensation. Then a sweep of heat poured all over my body causing me to have spasms all over. I never wanted you to stop fucking me. You were screaming at me and pulling my hair. I wanted more and more but finally your anger subsided and I felt you release me. As you got up you turned to me and said "Never wear that fucking skirt again." And I wore it the very next time I saw you.


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