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Stupid stupid death

I'm still sick as a fucking dog and now I'm having my green week. Man o man I hate today. But in other news I don't have to work!! Yay! I only had to be dying for it! Stupid death.

Sicky girl, sicky girl..what have they done to you?

I had to call off work today because Im sick asa dog. My body aches all over, I have a fever and my glands in my throat are swollen out to friggin golf balls. So how you doin?

I have gay envy.

What the hell was up with that stupid entry last night? Man I'm gay.

I have bird envy.

I was hanging out with an old friend tonight, Jimmy. We were out at Bishop park, where I like to go sometimes to just sit and think about shit. The wind was blowing through my hair and I felt so free. If I had wings I would have flown away and danced around the sky for a while. I want to fly. I want to look down and see nothing but clouds and be floating. Yeah....just floating.

Leah shouts, "I don't want to go to work today!!!!" (as they pull her away kicking and screaming)

I feel like hibernating from everyone and thing. Too much fucking drama from people who are not quite adults yet but masquerade around as if they were to fool you. Oh well. I need to get away from it all. I keep dreaming about going back to Cabo San Lucas and how peaceful it was. I wish I could go away for a while from everything and deal with shit on my own. But...I can't so I'm off to work. You people who don't have to work today which is going to be 75 can eat shit.


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