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cruelity is easy, love is hard work.

Interesting weekend. Interesting couple of months. The comment thrown in my face keeps running through my mind over and over again. It hurt more than I could ever express. Why are some people capable of such ugliness? I don't know or understand why some people like to hurt others. You live you learn.

I had a blast at the state fair yesterday we all ate gross food and listened to horrible singing. The we went to smalls in hamtramick. I know I probably messed up the spelling. Today I'm getting my hair done and then we're all gonna go get stupid drunk. I can't believe I finally get to meet Ang. Yep, this weekend we're drivin to kansas and theshakedown and bobmcgoogle will finally meet after 2 years. I'm freakin yo. Goodtimes.

see what drinking too much does to your brain?

I've been whitening my teeth the last few days and it got me thinking about them. Should they be sharper? Hammy sharpens her teeth and then she can chew through stuff really good and I want to chew through stuff really good too. So I decided to go ahead and sharpen them and I bit on the table. I don't think it worked. My teeth hurt now.

isn't life just wonderful sometimes?

I got a new job. I think ill like it there. I'm peeing out of my all day thanks to this stupid medication I'm on. I'm in a financial free fall. The boy is done with me.

Mmmm boy in a black shirt...HOT.

So I raped him, with the shirt on of course;-)

TGIF anyone?

So I hate my job. The doctor is an asshole. I've been calling other places for a job but so far no luck. God I hate the place. I just can't wait for the weekend. Thank God its friday.


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