Bob McGoogle

The Shop

Sometimes I cannot believe the characters that come into the shop. It's crazy how some people are. Tony was right, this place should be a TV show. BTW I have gas so friggin' bad today it's painful.

Yeah Im a little girlie so what? SHUT UP!

So I think I need my Gold memebership back to get more readers again now that I'm able to update again. I want my banners back!!!! Plus I need Ang to do a new interview. I think I like this set-up for now. Maybe later I'll do a buttcrack who knows I'm crazy like that. I need a pedicure and manicure it's warm out and I'm wearing my sandles. This is kinda gross looking. I've been wearing my hair down lately and I have to say I'm looking good like this. It's about 4 inches down my back. I can't believe how long it's gotten. Oh God I need a life all I can talk about is my friggin nails and hair. Jesus. Do I have nothing else else to talk about? Ugh.

So he molested some children...its Michael Jackson!

Sometimes I wonder what this obscession with 80's toys and me is all about? Why am I so consumed with getting all the toys I had in my childhood or wanted but never got? Am I'm trying to rekindle some long lost feeling of being young again? Or am i fighting growing up? Maybe it's just because I really dig /Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake and the Caggage Patch Kids. Am I some kind of sicko trying to be like a kid like Jacko is with his freaky love of Peter Pan? Hmm...


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