Bob McGoogle

Nina Gordan-Straight Outta Compton. Where has this song been all my life?

Someone once told me that life is full of ups and downs. I wasn't really sure what they meant when I was young but now I understand. Who knows whats going to happen maybe I have some control over it and maybe I don't. Life offers all kinds of choices and sometimes it just confuses the hell out of you like a sweet sounding girl singing a gansta song. So what, you wanna fight about it?

Roulette Dreams

My dreams are very real. When I sleep my mind deals with the things and memories I cannot. In my dreams I'm fighting an evil man always out to hurt me and my family. I watch as he beats my mother and try to get in his way. The blood splatters as he hits my brother and I try to stop the punches.
I re-live all the places I have called home but only keep a catalog of their bathrooms in my head to remember them by.
I am alone. No one is around for miles. I scream but there is no answer.
Not all of my dreams are nightmares. Sometimes my dreams are of a stage and singing and dancing, the rock star dream we all have.
My memories flood over me and my mind sorts through all the things I push aside to deal with later but never seem to find the time or the will to. My dreams play memories out over and over again every night trying to solve all the mysteries of who I am. My dreams terrify me and fill me with hope. At ngiht when I lay down, I hope for peace that night. It's all a gamble.


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