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If you were on the Smurfs which character would you be? I think I'd be Azreal.

I had a dream last night that me and my old friend Michelle from high school were at a baseball game masterbating ourselves with wooden blocks and still conversing about the game. Wonder what that one means.

So we talked...

I had a lot on my mind last night and today well but its different stuff more about money today. We talked about the feelings I've been having towards his family and what the future holds for us. Not wanting them to influence my child if I ever had one. (which I know sounds bad but you haven't met these people) And low and behold he feels the same way! I was so surprised! I've been beating myself up all these months for feeling this way when he feels the same way I do. It was a good thing. We talked about different stuff and our feelings about it. His total lack of interest in my beliefs and how I've strived to find out about his. We talked about work and treating eachother with more respect. I think it's all going to be a good thing. you can't just run from someone because there are somethings you may not like about them. You have to stay and try to work it out, then if all else fails then leave. I'm not a quitter with my relationships I really don't like failing which is why I've had very long successful relationships until there was something just could not be fixed and after I gave it my all. This is true in life as well. I could look at it like some have suggested and say well if everything isn't perfect now it's going to be horrible later on. Well thats one way to see it. I choose to look at it like this, no one is perfect. We all need work in many areas. You can't run from people you care about because they don't match what you deem as perfect. We are all human. We need work. And so do I.


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