Bob McGoogle

If you lit me on fire I bet I'd be thankful.

Up to my eyebrows in wedding stuff.

Put on a happy face.

Yay! I finally have some help for all this wedding stuff! I got a hold of one of our clients who plans weddings and she said she'd gladly help out. Whew, that takes a huge load off.
I'm so tired of D-land and not being able to update when I want. It seems like everytime I try the server is overloaded. Anywho, its really picking up around here and we are getting really busy. We didn't even leave last night until 9pm. I can't wait until we are bringing in like 80,000 a month. That's going to rock.

Money, money, money...MONEY!

So maybe this thing might just work out. If we really keep trying and pushing and weaseling we just might pull this whole wedding thing off. Wow, I hope so.


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