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Wyandotte hillbilly here!

Did we work everythign out? Well not exactly but I am trying to be patient which is not in my nature to be. Tony has never really been in a real relationship and he needs to learn some things and hopefully he's a quick study of what to do and what not to do. I doubt I will ever see eye to eye with his family but I know that I love him and I won't let them split us apart. I was born downriver in Michigan, if that makes me a hillbilly then so be it. But one thing I can say for myself is I put myself through college without anyones help and most of his family cannot say that. So no matter what they call me I know I did it on my own without any support or Daddy's money like she lives her life. I can be proud that anything I've achieved in life has been because I made it happen. Other then that they can all kiss my hillbilly ass.


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