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Should I stay or should I go?

I'm really trying to rise above it and not let it bother me but it is. His cunt ass aunt called me a hillbilly. I got to hear it from her 13 year old daughter. I can't stand these people and I just want to explode. And it really doesn't seem to bother him what she said. He acted all mad but turned into something about him not about what had happened to me, surprise surprise. I'm so fucking fed up with feeling like I'm under attack by these horrible horrible people. I just want out. Every fiber in my being screams "Run idiot! RUN!" But I don't. I keep hoping things will get better. I feel as though I've been left alone when things like this happen because he doesnt want anything to do with it. I defended him to my father and brother but when I ned a little support he was nowhere to be found. I feel sometimes like Ken gets it much so more then Tony ever will. I talk to Ken about things they say or do that hurts my feelings and I feel more support from him then I do from my own soon to be husband. I asked God to take this hurt from me but it keeps creeping back up on me. I thought I had dealt with it that night but even today I feel as though I could cry and then I feel like hurting her and Tony for saying and doing nothing. His only reply was "I just want to work." When it all came out and Vuaghn was all up n this mess. I know him and if he was truely angry about it he would have went off like he does when people are shitty to him. What the hell am I getting myself into? If I stay with him and this horror of a family am I securing my position to have to eat their shit all alone for the rest of my life with a "partner" who only cares when it directly affects him? What happened to men of honor who stood by their women no matter what? Are they all dead?


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