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Cowboy butts drive me nuts.

I'm finishing up Anne Frank's Diary right now and another Sylvia book. I'm determined to read them all, she just makes me feel good about God instead of angry. The shop is busy as ever. If you live in the Royal Oak area come see us at Rocket Printing. (I'm usually the one playing the Sims waiting to send your packages via FedEx) hehehehhehe The wedding plans are coming together good, we're almost done getting everything together. I can't believe we go to Cabo San Lucas July 25th thru August 1st then August 13th the huge party at the Magic Bag! Man this has been nuts. The shower itself was stressful enough. I know I promised to put up pics but unfortunately I don't have a Gold membership to post pics. So if its really bothering you that much then I guess all I can say is buy me one then butthole or shut up. I'm getting tubby again. Ugh. I kinda like having more curves. I'm a curvy size 2 to 4 I think. I just need to work out more and lay off the damn sweets. Did you knwo that I eat5 Qudoba almost every day? I love the 3 cheese nachos and a cookie. I have a problem, I know. I'll try to work on that. I dont want to be that fatty on the beach everyone is laughing at. Too bad I cant afford more lipo and that cellulite removal treatment but Tony promised I can have the Rejuveskin done after the reception. SWEET! Goodbye cellulite! Eat me!


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