Bob McGoogle

I fucking HATE Armanians. Don't like it? Fuck you too then.

Ok so fatty satan ruined my clothes and almost got my arm ripped off by fucking with my printing coat. Ok so nothing is going to happen to him. Ok so if I did ANYTHING to his shit I'd never hear the end of it, have to appologize, AND replace it. But NO nothing happens to dickwad. Ok, ok I'm trying to not explode thats why Im puching the goddamn keys right now cuz its better then his face. So fucking wrong. Different rules for everyone and I always get FUCKED. Jesus I want to kill them all. But I can't. I have to eat the injustice and say nothing because Tony doesnt have the time or enough room left in his stressed out brain to listen to me complain so thats why I do it here. Fucker fucker burn in hell you evil fucking bastard and your evil fucking wife whose face I want to punch in. I hope one day I can gather all the fucking middle eastern armenian fuckers who think they are awesome but they are really no different then the A-Rabs as they call them, I want to put you all on an island and drop a bomb there so you horrible, fat ass, hairy, dumb mother fucking people can bother no one ever again. Thank you and eat shit.

You make me completely miserable.

That song is stuck in my head today and God does its words ring so true. Most days lately I want to die, I dunno I guess I'm just in some kind of funk but life is really bad right now. I really hope things get better. I'm completely alone.


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