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Where are you Christmas?

I used to love Christmas time. All my life Id get that gleam in my eye as the month of Christmas would approach. This year is different. This has been the worst year of life. Everything that could have gone bad has, and anything that was good left in me, has soured. After such a shitty year of insults, being left alone to fend for myself, living with a man who was never what I wanted or needed and then watching him take a half ass try to change, his family a bunch of people I cant stand,working with his uncle who I truely believe is evil(I dont even have a name he just calls me she), no back-up, ...I could go on and on about how bad this year has been but what does it matter? Ive given up hope that things will get better. This is just my life now. I have no means to even make it better. So no Im not feeling the Christmas this year, I dont have that gleam in my eyes with anticipation to open presents or do any of it. There isnt even going to be any trip to Bronners this year or going to go see the Rockettes. Its just another crappy month in my crappy life I seem bound to no matter how much I try to change it. I just cant wait until Christmas is over with, and this is the first time in my WHOLE life I have ever felt this way.


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