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Hang over suck balls.

Awesome weekend. Good times with friends. Man I got shit faced this weekend. It was awesome dancing both nights. Good times.

I'm off to the Henry Ford Museum and then the DIA. Good times.

I wanna be a Toys r Us kid forever.

Oh God. Hung over once again. Man this shit sucks balls. Well tonight I'll be with my Kitty hanging out in ever hip downtown Plymouth. Tomorrow night Andy's party....with no drama I hope. My head is pounding. Why did I do that last night? Ugh. Next week is gonna suck. I'll be working both jobs until the 13th but even after that I'll be working 40 hours a week at all different times of day. Oh boy. Here we go....Leah is now crossing over to adulthood. NOOOOOOOO

Well I decided I'm gonna go back on my low carb thingy so less beer for me which id good because I'll be too busy workign anyways. I hope I lose 20 pounds. Then I thnk I'll be happy but I'll be happy if I lose 15 but 20 would rock. I'm off to get ready for work. God help me. Oh yeah, if you want to have a good laugh today come by Cookies By Design, I'll be in a Tigger costume. Yup. I am so cool.

Have you ever heard someone you know describe a wine as a "robust flavorful wine" if yes, then kill them please.

I chickened out telling my boss yesterday but I'm going to do it today. I just need a little help from my old friend Jack Daniels..hahah just kidding. Only real Family Guy fans would know that one. Yeah I'm cool. So this weekend is full of parties. I don't know yet which ones I'm going to but everybody keeps saying I should go to Joe and Andy's party but I feel too many negative spirits there. I don't know we shall see. Tonight I have a dinner meeting with Michelle from Popculture. I'm a bit nervous to see her again but I will have to get over it. Man I don't want to tell my boss I'm leaving. He's such a whiney bitch he'll probably start whining right there on the spot then I'll have to kick him in the nuts and leave. Poop. Ok I'm out.

I'm a Popculture girl again!

So instead of going down on my boss I decided to leave. Yup, I'm out of the cookie business and back with an old friend. I talked to my old boss from Popculture and she offered me a full time job and running the show again! I was so happy I almost humped my phone. (It vibrates so I'm sure I'll do that later anyways.) But back to me being elated. I was like "Eureka! This is it! This will save me and my broke ass! Plus I won't be working EVERY FUCKING DAY!" Life is just so damn good some days you know? Enjoy it, sometimes it sucks. But now I have to give my 2 weeks notice..dun dun dundundun dunnnnnnnlalalalala That's gonna blow how Kat would say "Ropey goat chunks". But his wife who's cool as hell is there today so yay for me!

Come to Westland mall sometime and see me! I'm gonna be in a fun kiosk ordering around little teenage bitches! Ha! I love it. Muhahahahahha

Take a deep breathe and say "Ahhh...."

Need more money. Need more hours at work. Oh man, I hate asking for junk especially from my boss. I'll probably have to give him head for this shit. Man the crap you have to do when you're poor. Time to practice my mouth exercises.

Stupid stupid beer.

Oh man. I am so damn hungover today. Oh jesus. Man this sucks balls.

Isn't life good sometimes?

Some days life is really good and today was one of them. Life can't possible get much better then it is right now. Another bonus..It's dollar beer night! YES! I'm not coming home till I'm blind!

Good times.

Go ahead, call me crazy.

Why do we find it necessary to look at it when we wipe? I mean how else do you know you're starting your period if there's nothing in your undies but when you wipe there's a tiny bit of pinkish red there? Or when you take a poop you look at the toilet paper every wipe to make sure the poop on it gets less and less until it comes back clean. Why do we feel the need to look at the toliet paper when we wipe? Can we not trust the toilet paper to do it's job and get us clean? I don't know but it's a question that has bothered me because I do it every time and dammnit I want to know why. Yeah being home sick for 2 days is causing me to ponder all the deep questions in life like poop and toilet paper.


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