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Just call me an old lady.

I got hurt bad yesterday at work and now Im out of work for a while. My back is fucked. I was tryign to pick up a 50 pound bag of seeds and when I was going to stand up my back gave out and so did my legs. Anyone who's seen me knows that Im not a big person and 50 lbs was very difficult and now Im screwed. I have pain meds but those bastards arent touching this shit. I want beer, flowers and pie people. GET ON IT!

Where are we going tonight Tina?

You pick me up and we never know where we are going. We just drive and end up some place crazy. You joke around with me and help me forget my old life. It seems like a dream I dreamt one night while lonely. you take me out amd we dance till I can't feel anything anymore. I love how easily you make me forget. I needed you and all your silliness. We meet hese new and exciting people and new adventures every night. I love our adventures. I need them. So where to tonight?

Popcorn Additcs Anonymous

PAA Meeting

Leah: "Hi everybody"

Group: "Hi Leah!"

Leah: "I have a problem, I'm addicted to popcorn and it's giving me a fat ass and ruining my low carb diet."

Group: "Yes us too."

Leah: "Yeah but what do I do about it?"

Group: "Yeah we wonder the same thing."

Leah: "No seriously, what the hell do I do? I could get fired and my ass is getting HUGE."

Group: "Hahaha yeah we understand that."

Leah: "Oh God, no one can help me and my ass is going to take over the world. Help me please God."

Happy Holidays!

Just worked 11 hours straight. Worked 11 hours constantly saying "Hi have a sample!" to every idiot who went out into that madness on purpose today. God I hate you people. You cheap bastards just can't stay home can you? You had to make me keep saying "Hi have a sample" over and over and goddamn over again. I want to kill you all.


Well it's gonna ne Thanksgiving tomorrow. I hope you have a good one and spend it with your family because I won't be able to. Long story. anywho I sold my car finally! Yay for me! I got my new Mazda Miaita so now I'm not just a hot blonde, but a hot blonde driving a hot car! Inflated sense of self today. I'm feeling a little superior today and I don't know why. Hmm.

But um...I hope you have a good one and go buy some stuff from my work POP CULTURE. I work at the Westland one so come see me if you live near me. Peace out yo.

That's annoying.

Yup. You missed me and my beautiful brain. I'll just keep you guessin' what I've been up to. Muhahahahahahah

Who lives in a pinapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

I never thought I'd be one of those "dorkus molorkus's" who liked Spongebob Squarepants..that was until I watched it. Oh yeah another classic. So anyways I had a day off today but it went in toliet because I still had to run around for supplies for my employees for 4 hours! Stupid employees can't do shit by themselves. I wanted to sleep in a bit. Deprived of enough sleep and I'll just go insane. That might be fun..for me atleast:-)

I'm gonna eat some tuna! Yummers.

I need to get away for a while. I think I'm gonna stay out of the bars for a while. I stopped going up to the Oak and now I think I'll stay away from Dohickey's. I need to focus on me and not beer:-) And now onto my deep thoughts....

Man I've been missing you putting your arms around me at night. It's getting colder now and every day when I step outside and feel the cold air hit my face, I miss your warm hugs that much more. My bed seems so empty at night. I put my arm on the other side but there's no one there. This is fucking depressing. I'm off to work.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I almost pooped my pants! Shit that was scarey. Whoa.

A guy for me to POOP on.

Someone asked me the other day "What specifically will you look for in a guy you have a relationship with next?" So I sat and thought about it and here's what I came up with

Job-don't care as long as he pays his own bills.

Personality-has a great sense of humor and gets mine, sociable but not a show off, great dancer because I LOVE to dance, likes to hang out with his friends because I do with mine and I don't need someone around me 24/7, someone who understands my beliefs and has similar ones (doesn't have to be exact because we don't learn from people who think EXACTLY as we do but has to have some beliefs in feminism), good listener, a sweetie, not a push over or he won't last with me at ALL, someone who will put me to bed when I've drank way too much which happens sometimes:-), someone who likes to snuggle in bed on cold days, and someone who doesn't cry at the drop of a hat because he can't handle stress.

Looks-Well I like tall guys, I tend to like big noses I have no idea why, I like light eyes, someone who is clean (for instance someone who actually takes care of himself but not into Metrosexual shit hahahah) man that was gay. Ok back to looks, well..thats about it I think. I like goofy tall guys with big noses. What can I say I'm not hard to please. So whats with all the wonder in who I will date again? Sheesh.

I'm a raging alcoholic.

I start my new job tomorrow and I'm excited. My tongue is killing me. Oh yeah..I got it pierced today:-) I've wanted it done for a long time. I have to get my tummy re-pierced because I had to take it out for my surgery. Man working all friggin week is gonna blow. I hope Kat's ok. She hurt her ankle this weekend and had to have her feet burned, poor chica.

I can't drink any beer for a week, that sucks. Well I'm done rambling from one thought to the next. Night.


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