Bob McGoogle

My other half.

Through trials and tribulations a bond was created. A bond that no one shall pass through. My partner, my friend, my lover, my Tony.

My only friend is in my head.

I hate this place. I hate these people. I want to run far far away from here and everyone. Even his problems are becoming too much. Hers are always too much for me. Im about to crack and no one even notices or cares. Im all alone in this nightmare. Trying to be strong for everybody else but myself. I dont know how much more I can take.

Everyday is another chance to change your life.

Ever have those times in your life where you feel like you are at a cross-road? You can continue doing this and see what happens or try something totally new and exciting and scarey and unsafe. Which do you chose? Do you take the chance and maybe fall flat on your face or keep doing it safe?

Life is too short when you're 5

Today I come to you guys to ask you to please pray. There is a little boy who is the son of my moms co-worker who is 5 years old and on life support. He has epilespy (I think thats how you spell it) and his kidneys and body is shutting down. A ventilater is breathing for him and things dont look good. Start praying for him. Please.
Ok I probably made about 50 spelling errors but I really dont care.
So anyways onto lighter things, Ive had it brought to my attention that my rainbow colors are not correct. To fix this and make sure my rainbow will always be perfect I will consult with my color specialist Ang, ( have this problem fixed so you can all sleep again.

I need microdermabrasion BAD

Tonight we say good-bye to a great person who will soon grace Chicago with a great new chiropractor, Anita. We're all heading to some numbered martini bar in Plymouth to get drunk. I bet I'll just have one then have a horrible hang over. This weekend is "get all my Christmas shopping done". Wish me luck. BTW I popped a huge zit on my back today it was bothering me all day then I finally got it, ahh sweet relief. Now my chin has a zit.

Not like Mick Jagger but more like Pam Anderson

Bronners Day was AWESSOME. We bought tons of stuff. The apartment is a Christmas wonderland. What I really want for Christmas is bigger lips. Id love to look in the mirror and smile at my reflection. I did feel a lot better after my nose. IT will take me FOREVER to save up but I will get it done. Before you people even say anything about it look this is something that bothers ME. And I couldnt very well get it done cuz it bothered other people it has to be about how I feel not you guys so save it. I WANT BIGGER LIPS DAMN YOU!
Ok bye bye


Tomorrow is BRONNER'S DAY!!!!!! If you're not from Michigan or heterosexual you may not know of them. Or if you are just a scrooge and don't know of Bronners just go to to see the BEST Christmas store for nuts like myself. Its AWESOME. Im so happy I might jump up on someone and pee and their leg.


I just took a really stinky poop and I have a huge zit on my cheek.


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