Bob McGoogle

Ooohhh I do likes the tingles

Do you ever hold off on pooping until its just ri-goddamn-diculous and you HAVE to poop? I don't do that, I was just thinking out loud.

Happy fucking birthday Leah

Why can't some people just go out and have fun for a few hours? Why does it have to be an all nighter and keep someone else up worrying. Thanks. Thanks a lot you asshole. And people wonder why I hate my goddamn birthday, something always goes wrong.

Pooping is more entertaining then my job.

What is it about work that makes me have to shit? I can go all weekend without pooping but as soon as I get to work out comes the poopies. I poop almost 3 times a day here. Whats up with that? What is it about this place that makes my bowels want to expel all day? Maybe its the adjustments...or maybe it's the boredom. Or maybe I just like the tingles you get from pooping, it's almost orgasmic.

Just another day in my life.

Poop and crap.
I want something. I don't know what. Something. Ho-hum. Something new and fun. I'm in a funk.

Now thats what I call a good time.

I don't know what happened...One minute Im drinking with my friends then the next minute I wake up in the basement covered in peanut butter and a dog licking me. Maybe I should have stopped after that 6th cranberry and Vodka.

It's best to not even think about where that comment came from.

Tony is really really fucking sick. I've never seen him this sick before. I've been taking care of him and all i can wonder about is what is up with that smell the sick always give off? Is it the bacteria fuming off of their rotting bodies or is it just me? Well considering my beaker is so strong I can smell when women are bleeding, I bet it's just me.
Also I've been wondering lately, is it wrong to find my cat sexy? It's not like I want to nail Tadapoo or anything but he's such a sexy bitch with his furry feline face and fatty gut. If I was a girl cat I'd do him. It would be hot.


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