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Please God not again...

It's like a flash back to a few years ago when I walked away from her. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but I do not regret it. If your beliefs are so different and the one person won't stop shoving their beliefs down your throat how do you remain friends? Even these few years later I'm still angry with her. Please dont let history repeat. I don't want to lose another one of the greats.

Where's Jesus when you need him?

So who the hell decided that wedding showers were fun? I want to find this person, probably a chick, and kick her ass. BIG TIME. What a jerk! This is a nightmare! There's too much to plan and do and I want to curl up and hide while sucking my thumb. I'm not made for this girlie crap! I said why not the justice of the peace but nooo Tony wants a half assed wedding planned by yours truely. Goddamnit. This could be bad. I thought just having a box at the reception for money saying "Give us you money or else" would be a great way to get money without all this registering crap and party planning junk. But nooooooo, he wants a shower and now that I'm knee deep in it, I'm in for the long haul. We have a buttload of people to feed and entertain and no money. Too bad I can't just rip up a piece of bread and fish to feed hundreds with it. Kill me, please.

My Tony makes me happy.

So I left my job, best decision I ever made. I hated that place. But now Im at Tony's shop with nothing to do but wait for the shipping thing to get going and do whatever Tony needs until thats started. Im getting pretty bored. How much of Ebay can to really stand before you go crazy? I dont want to bother him so I just wait for directions. In the meantime I have time to focus on the wedding and the party and all that junk. I picked out a few invitations I like and need to run them by him. Man this is a boring fucking entry. I keep thinking about all the friggin jobs Ive been through since I got back home to Michigan. Ive met a lot of jerky people along the way. But it did all seem to lead me to my Tony. Maybe it was all so we would meet. We had to evetually since we've found out that we were linked through 2 different jobs I had. Life is weird sometimes, and sometimes its great.

SMOOOOKE. Are ya smokin' yet?

I hate my job. I hate my job so very much. I wish they would all die a horrible painful death except for a small few. Burn and die. Yup. Die. Bastards.

Hmm...that COULD gross me out but I doubt it.

Ok its unanimous... we do a butt crack theme. Ok Ang do it up!

The future of Bob Mcgoogle is in YOUR hands!

So its been suggested to me that I need to change my layout. So Im takin it to the people. So guys what do you want to see? Keep in mind all of my past layouts...Poop, Mullet, Beaker, Family Guy, Butters. So whats next for Bob Mcgoogle?


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