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It's like hiding from a monster who will strike at any given moment. Don't move or speak or he will turn it on you.

I'm stressed too. People are calling me for money too. I'm worried about this place too. BUT I don't take out my frustrations out on other people. Every question I ask him or everytime I dare speak to him I get my head chewed off. Then he lectures me about how we are supposed to be the team here. It's bullshit. Everybody has stress and everybody has problems but if those people who realize this and don't take their stress out on those they count on the most that make good partners. You can't bark at someone in one minute then the next expect a kiss. It doesnt work like that. Treat people with respect and you will get it in return. Treat people like they are just another bother in your life and you will get the silent treatment. Why talk to someone who only yells at me? Why try to be nice and understanding to someone who flails their arms around like a child when you dare ask them to do something. I'll just keep staying out of his way and not talk to him unless I have to. It will hopefully minimize the yelling and flailing. I don't want to cause more stress, I was tryign to help. I guess I need to just stay quiet and keep my head down. This si weird, I just looked up my yahoo horoscope and this is what it said...eerrrrriiieeeee Horoscopes bob's Daily Aquarius Forecast Quickie: A brainstorm will stimulate your imagination. Take notes. They'll come in handy. Overview: Over the past three weeks, you've been trying to keep quiet about something. But if there's anything -- anything at all -- that you've been stifling (a scream, perhaps?), you might as well toss in the towel and clear your throat. Aquarius


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