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Jesus fucking moneky shit my arms hurt.

Man my arms are so fucking sore from working out. Today's song in my head... well it's actually 2 different songs, Time After Time by Cindy Lauper and Goodbye by the friggin Spice Girls. Don't ask. :-) Work is great, Tony is great, my feet smell great, life is good.


Strange how sometimes the past can come up and bite you right in the ass. Strange how the rules are not fair as to who can talk to who in relationships. One person can but the other person can't. Strange.
Oh well. Good-bye my friend. I wish you the best of luck.

Sometimes when I poop I get a sharp pain that shoots up the crack of my ass.

Today the song in my head is "Every Little Step I take" by Mr. Bobby Brown. Takes me back to grade school, when I was a little girl with piggy tailed braids. WAIT! That's me now! Well almost, my size 0 pants are starting to get tight. I have to keep up with this working out thing and drop about 10 lbs before the wedding so I look SUPER HOT. I'll post the footage from the wedding when it's all done. July 9th BABY!!!!
Anypoop, things are awesome. Tony and I are rolling strong with all this wedding stuff. It's a lot to learn about. I had no idea about all this stuff you gotta do. I have a huge booger blocking my entire air passageway right now. Sometimes I see Tony standing there talking to someone looking all cute and I want to run over to him, jump up on his leg and dry hump it. Is that wrong?

Do you know why women have boobs? So you got somethin' to look at while your talking to them!

Making invitations sucks balls. We have to pick out both sets for the shower and the wedding/reception. Man I'm not digging all this crap. On a happier notes...Family Guy returns May 1st!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

You want the truth? YOU can't handle the truth!

You wanna know whats a real weezel move? Having a company called "Eyes and Ears" that goes into bars and resturants and spies on people then rats them out to the owner. People like this need to be hung upside down by their toe nails and have their taints stabbed with very dull knives. Those people make me sick and lets face it not a lot of things do that to me.

You smell like an anchovies cunt.

So the shop is is getting a little better, thank God. I've been walking around the streets of Royal Oak to every friggin business today giving them flyers and note pads for us. Hopefully something pans out from all this work. We did get a couple orders from it so its something. Now I don't feel like I'm wasting time atleast someone is out there doing stuff. I'm all stinky from walking around all day in the hot sun but other then that its been good. I'm still waiting for my scale and thermal printer for the new FedEx counter I'm going to be running and I really hope thats a success too. If things go well with these new guys working on our color copier hopefully everything will pan out for us and money won't be such a huge concern anymore. I can only hope. I'm back to working out 3 days a week. Buying that lifetime membership at Fitness USA when they first opened was the best decision I have ever made. All this water drinking I've been doing lately seems to only make me pee a whole lot and have the hershey squirts. I hate water.


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