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Ever in a crappy mood? Listen to the Karate Kid song "You're The Best"

I can't believe it's going to snow this weekend! What the shit is that all about?
Stupid color machine fucking up again. Ugh. It's ok we'll get it going and kick ass. Is it just me or does it seem like girls who like it in the butt are always fat? Maybe their buttholes are bigger...hmmm. Who knows. Big fat girls getting butt fucked...ewe makes me shiver. Or it could be that I just drank a bunch of water and have to pee? These are the deep questions of life, to me anyways.

What kind of hippy ass shit are you talking about?

Songs can reflect our moods or even inspire them. Last night I went form listening to sad songs and reflecting on the past to being angry to being spiteful to being happy. Songs that took me through that yesterday..Remember the Time by Jacko, (reflecting song) I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me by Escape or some shit (sad song) then Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake (angry/spiteful song), Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac (angry/spiteful song)to Your In Love by Wilson Phillips (letting go songs) to Double Wide by the Supersuckers (hilarious song)
Yes music is funny that way. It can take you through all kinds of moods. It can take you up and down with each new song. I guess thats why I love music so much.


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