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Family Guy is back and AWESOME!!!!!

Sorry I was out yesterday. Doing this low carb thing made my sugars crash on me and I got sick but I'm back and feeling great. So obviously you've noticed a difference in my diary. It was broken into my someone and all fucked with. That's ok. What goes around comes around.
So onto positive news, the wedding shower stuff has arrived and it is so cute! I can't wait to put it all in the cute little takeout boxes I ordered! I'll post pics after the shower and when I get around to buying a gold membership. Have a great day!

Yeah well you're hoggin all the ugly!!

I'm hungry and cranky. We started doing the friggin low carb thing today and it sucks my balls. I don't remember it sucking this bad back in the day when I did it the first time. Man I'm hungry and tired and feel like crap. I need sugar! My brain isn't thinking correctly without it! Bow:-(

Lost another friend to Jesus.

Lately I've been thinking about what makes people happy. Some like to act silly, some like to party hard to impress others with how many "cool" people they know, some like to look to someone else to make them happy with who they are. People have different ways of being happy. I try to focus on being a good person to everyone I know and care about. I don't need a "God" to make me be a good person I just try to be a good person on my own. If others need that to feel good then great for them. Other people need to be the center of attention and thats what they need to feel good. I guess we all have our own ways of trying to better ourselves to be happy. Hopefully somehow we can all meet in the middle and get along. There's so much in this world that divides us, race, sex, religion, whatever. I think we all just need to stay true to who we are and not alienate those who don't agree with us but embrace them. Or we could all just have a poopfest and roll around in it I dunno. Might get stinky. BTW have you ever wondered what happens to the poop after you take a dump on someone? What do they do with the poop? Is it just pooping thats hot or do they rub it in? WHAT HAPPENS TO THE POOP?! I need to know!

My tummy hurts.

What is it with business owners trying to fuck with each other? Why can't people just say "Hey this is your spot and this is mine". Then leave it alone. There is NO reason to go after other peoples clients. It's ridiculous. I dunno maybe I'm just naive but I think there's room enough for all of us. Oh well. Man I need to lay off the Krispy Kremes. I don't think eating a whole dozen is ever a good idea. I'm going to the gym today to work it all off. Wish me luck.


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