Bob McGoogle

The saddest girl in the world.

You see her and wonder why she looks so sad. She smiles but theres a falseness behind it. You can feel her pain radiating off her. Why is she so sad? What is it that she wants? Is it money? Is it the "perfect" life? Or maybe is it what shes never had, her own voice? Her own sense of self. Does she try then always get side tracked but others? Does she let others opinions always influence what she really wants? Is she a rebel of the social status quo but too afarid to really buck it? Does she want to change the world but has no idea what to do. Does she want to change herself but feels cornered and sufficated? Well saddest girl in the whole world I think you need to be true to who you really are and what you want. You need to stop listening to others who try to influence you and change you and cage you and your thoughts. Be the rebel you are and have always been. Whats the worst that could happen? You've already had them all leave you before.


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